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TV, radio, and print ads are all great, so long as people are watching, listening, and reading. But, why hope for customers to stumble upon an ad when you can use your customers to advertise for you. Be pro-active. Let your customers take home a memento such as custom toothpick books or boxes, custom matches, or a matchbook-style scratch pad that will be seen by friends and family. The results can be exponential. Get advertising with long mileage by giving your customers a reminder of where they enjoyed the evening, while conserving cash with custom logo mementos your customers will actually hold onto.

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  • Restaurant Custom Printed Book Matches

    Book Matches

    No equal in its low cost per use
    Artistic and functional
    Multi-sided advertising space
    White or black match stems
    Single or double rows of matches
    Choose your match tip color

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  • Restaurant Custom Printed Matchbox Box Match

    Popular Box Matches

    Available in 9 Styles
    Upscale and Economical

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  • Restaurant Custom Printed Toothpicks


    A personal care product that customers welcome and retain, toothpicks come in pouch-style booklets and matchboxes or even single-wrapped. Anyway you like it, toothpicks promote your business. Your advertising stays with your client down to the last use. Toothpick packets especially serve customers of restaurants and hotels. They are likewise ideal for dental and other health providers.

    Made with Natural Wood

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  • Restaurant Custom Printed Logo Napkin

    Logo Napkins

    When custom printed, logo napkins add color and character to your table and bar presentations.

    1, 2, or 3-ply
    Plain, pebbled, and linen patterns
    White, ecru, or colored stocks
    Standard and custom color imprinting

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  • Restaurant Custom Printed Coaster


    Available in different coaster sizes, thicknesses, and materials.

    Full-color pulpboard coasters : 1 or 2-sided offset printing
    Debossed natural pulpboard coasters: 1-sided letterpress printing
    Debossed multi-ply tissue coasters: 1-sided letterpress printing

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  • Restaurant Custom Printed Memobooks


    Memobooks are perfect for bars, nightclubs, and restaurants... anywhere people meet new people. Imagine your customer‘s surprise when they open your "matchbook" and find a memo pad! You get the same ad space and printing options as a match cover both inside and out.

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