The World of QR Codes

Learn how Quick Response codes can generate revenue for your business

  • Your Website
  • Interactive Content
  • Special Offers
  • And More

  • What is a QR code?
    A QR code is an imprinted code that can be embedded with all sorts of web-based info and content for users to access by scanning the code with their smart phones. Anything with a web URL can be placed within the code.

    What type of content can a QR code display?
    Content embedded in the code can be as simple as your website or interactive, such as a free song download, your online shop link, or a coupon for future purchases. And more:
    A Direct Link To:
    • Drink / appetizer / or dessert coupons
    • An online catalog or view-book
    • Your online reservations service
    • An online retail shop or store
    • Media downloads such as an exclusive free song or music video
    • Special event invites
    • Your website

    Why use a QR code?
    QR's turn promotional paper products into online tools of continuous advertising and promotion.

    How flexible are QR codes?
    The QR code can be redirected to new content at anytime without changing the code itself. This enables you to change a promotion without discarding the product and reprinting a new one. The first URL is totally free. A $35 fee applies to changes thereafter.

    How can we use a QR code?
    For example, give customers a coupon for a free drink with dinner using a QR code on a coaster. Give concert-goers at your music venue a 15% discount on a CD from the band they're watching on stage using a QR on your matchbook.

    How do I get a QR code for my product(s)?
    Just contact us and say, "I want a QR." We will create the code and place it on your chosen product for FREE. All we need from you is the URL address of the content.

    What products are best for QR codes?
    In general, products with a firm flat surface work best, such as coasters and matches. We'll let you know if there might be a scanning issue on another given product you select.

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